Moving You Forward: A countywide transit vision

The objective of the survey was to gather Jackson County, Michigan, household and business input to identify the priority and secondary needs of current JATA users, future users, past users, and county residents over the next decade. Our goals were to determine if there were unmet needs in order to create a system that better meets the needs of the county. Below you will find the results of a Community Report, Passenger survey, the Executive Director’s community presentation, and event participants engagement results.

Your personal commitment to the event and continued participation allows JATA the opportunity to provide transit services throughout the County of Jackson.

As you found out, Jackson County residents, business owners, and elected officials understand the importance of public transportation in Jackson County. JATA wants to continue its work to provide a reliable, affordable, and safe transit system which is sustainable and efficient. To help us, please continue to participate in discourse and community planning opportunities to ensure a continued community effort.

Please join the Local Transportation Advisory Council (LTAC) to continue the discussion on transit priorities on July 1st, 2015 @2:30pm at United Way of Jackson County (536 N. Jackson St).

We look forward to working with you on planning an innovative future for transit in Jackson.

Goals, Strategies, Ambassadors

The key to ensuring these needs include the following, beginning with JATA's goals:


  • Communications throughout the community
  • Stakeholders gain familiarity and understanding of JATA's programs and services
  • Educate and engage the diverse public
  • Ensure adequate, appropriate and timely communications are conveyed via appropriate communication methods to identified stakeholder groups

Key Strategies

  • Build a network of information ambassadors through LTAC
  • Follow proven practices
  • Exponentially expand information reach through digital communications.

Communication Ambassadors

  • Participate in stakeholder groups
  • Conduit for two way communications
  • Provide venues for sharing information
  • Expand information reach
  • Build trust and credibility