Rider Guide

A JATA bus stops in downtown Jackson. Brick buildings and a large Michigan theater sign are visible.

How much does it cost?

JATA has many different fares for bus rides.

Children 6-11 can ride the bus for 75¢; those ages 12-17 pay $1.00 and adults pay $1.50.

Senior citizens or people with disabilities pay 75¢.

You must have the correct change when you get on the bus.

You may also purchase bus tickets or a monthly bus pass. This makes it easier when getting on the bus.

Have your pass ready when you board the bus; the driver will ask to see it.

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What are the buses like inside?

JATA buses are heated and air conditioned.

In the winter months, when it’s dark outside, there are lights inside the bus.

The buses also have wheelchair lifts so that people with disabilities can ride the bus anytime they want to.

There is also a kneeler available. The kneeler lowers the bus so that riders do not have to take such a big step up or down.

About Transfers

A transfer is required when you have to change buses.

Always remember to ask for a transfer when you get on the bus.

The transfer will only be good for the time showing on the transfer slip.


Plan your trip

The Jackson Area Transportation Authority will be happy to answer all the questions you have about riding the bus.

Call 517-787-8363 between the hours of 8AM and 5PM; our friendly reps are happy to help you!

Simon Foster of JATA smiles. He wears a sharp navy suit, paisley tie, and white shirt. His arms are crossed.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

We want you to call us with any questions you may have and to enjoy our service.

JATA is always happy to talk to any group or organization about the transit system.

If you would like someone to come and make a presentation about how to use the bus service, please call 517-787-8363

JATA's  Rules  Safety & Policies

  • Please do not eat or drink or smoke on the bus.
  • No litterbugs allowed!
  • Always be sure to have a shirt and shoes on before getting on the bus.
  • No profanity or shouting
  • Playing loud music is prohibited
  • Parents must keep their children seated.
  • Infants must be removed from strollers.
  • Service animals are allowed. Other animals are allowed if in an appropriate carrier.
  • Passengers may bring as many bags on board as they can carry in one trip, as long as space is available.
  • Do not disturb your driver. To keep you and the other passengers safe, the driver must pay close attention to the road.
  • JATA requests that you do not use your cell phone while on the bus.